dates I wish someone would take me on.

1. Let’s go to the Phoenix Art Museum and stare at that one painting and try and find out why it’s so deep and then giggle through the Fireflies exhibit.

2. Let’s go iceskating… If you’ll hold my hand so I don’t fall.

3. Let’s go to Chuck-E-Cheese or Peter Piper Pizza and act like kids again… Who can win the most tickets? ;)

4. Let’s go swing dancing.

5. Let’s go to Five and Diner and take turns at the jukebox. Maybe even dance a bit to a favorite song? Milkshakes are a must.

6. Let’s dress up and walk down Main Street and be silly and take pictures with the statues.

7. Let’s have a picnic at the park during sunset then go on the swings.

8. Let’s go to a coffee shop and people watch. Let’s play the game where we make up a scenario of each person’s life like they do in Sunday’s At Tiffany’s.

9. Let’s go to the airport and watch planes take off.

10. Let’s dress up like it’s the 40’s and go bowling.

11. Let’s go to dinner at some crazy place we’d never think of trying… Like shawarma? ;)

12. Let’s go to a cupcake store and surprise each other with a strange cupcake.

13. Let’s go to karaoke and sing our hearts out.

14. Let’s take a truck out into the middle of nowhere, lay in the bed of it and look at the stars.

15. Let’s find a drive in movie theatre and watch some awesome movie.

16. Let’s watch cartoons at 9 AM on a Saturday in our PJs and eat cereal like Captain Crunch and Fruit Loops.

17. Let’s go somewhere high up to watch the sun rise.

18. Let’s build a fort in the family room and act like little kids. Maybe we’ll make some mac n’ cheese?

19. Let’s find an arcade (or at least somewhere that has a pinball machine) and see who can get a higher score… Loser pays for ice cream.

20. Let’s drive and stop somewhere random. Somewhere new.

21. Let’s have a marathon of Disney movies.

22. Let’s rent a paddle boat and go on Tempe Town Lake at sunset. Cheesy but sounds like fun to me!

23. Let’s be middle schoolers and go play mini-golf.

24. Let’s run around town and have a progressive meal. Drinks at one place, appetizers at another, main course at another and dessert at the last one.

25. Let’s go fly a kite.

26. Let’s go to the Science Museum.

27. Let’s dress up, go get some gelato and take a walk around the park.

28. Let’s go see a show.

29. Let’s go to a concert for a band we’ve never heard of.

30. Let’s go to an art festival.

31. Let’s go to the zoo!

32. Let’s make spaghetti together then make the table look super fancy schmancy. 

33. Let’s go to Lo Lo’s…. What could be better than chicken and waffles?

34. Let’s go to that make-shift carnival in the mall parking lot. Sure, the rides might scare you half to death because they’re up and down in half a day, but who cares?

35. Let’s take photobooth pictures somewhere in crazy clothes.

36. Let’s go to the animal shelter and look at all of the cute puppies! :)

37. Let’s leave lucky pennies around some place that kids go and make their day. :)

38. Let’s drive to the top of Las Sendas mountain and look at all the beautiful lights of the city.

39. Let’s go to the thrift store and find some crazy vintage clothes to wear and then go out to dinner.

40. Let’s fall madly in love. <3

I wish.